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Bella Glanville is an award-winning actress and screenwriter. Upcoming projects include a role in Netflix's 'Geek Girl', Ghostbusters 4, an ITV crime drama, and the lead Amazon feature, Deadly Perfect. She stars as Georgina in Jamie Demetriou's Netflix series, 'A Whole Lifetime', Richard's girlfriend in Ted Lasso, and as the lead in several shorts including Push, Unseen and Hanky Panky. Glanville is also an international supermodel, known for Adidas, Valentino, Stella McCartney and being the face of Coca Cola in 2020. As of 2024, Bella works with the United Nations as an ambassador in the film industry for human rights. Bella has given four international TEDx talks, exploring 'The Myth of Perfection', 'Embracing Uncertainty', 'Clashing Personalities' and 'The Science of Online Dating'. She has also a TV presenter, recently hosting the 2023 Urban Music Awards.

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