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Bella Glanville is an international model, actress, TED speaker, award-winning film producer and founder of Motivate Magazine. She takes the lead role in the film, Deadly Perfect, which premieres in 2022, and is currently in post-production for an upcoming Netflix series. Her most recent short film, ‘Push’, which she co-produced and starred in, won numerous awards including the New York Cinematography Awards and the London Film Festival. She has also a TV presenter, recently hosting the 2022 British Restaurant Awards.

She has modelled for companies such as Adidas, Stella Mccartney, Topshop, Nike and Vogue. Bella has given four international TEDx talks, exploring ‘The Myth of Perfection’, ‘Embracing Uncertainty’, ‘Clashing Personalities’ and ‘The Science of Online Dating’. She also gives motivational talks and workshops to young people, and is a certified NLP practitioner.

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