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Are you a new or aspiring model?

This page is all about how to make a shoot go as smoothly

as possible for amazing results!

Confidence is Key

The funniest part about being a model is that, despite knowing how to pose confidently on set, we all agree that we never know what pose to do when a person takes a picture in real life! When models are on set, we have a purpose behind our posing, and don’t think twice about doing a fake step forward whilst looking back and laughing at our invisible friends. As a model, it is important to acknowledge what the mood of the overall shoot is and to adjust your poses and facial expressions accordingly. When you and the photographer both want the same outcome, nothing feels uncomfortable or weird and you get this incredible, powerful confidence. Knowing that you look good can show in your body language, which shows in the pictures and makes the photographer look good too. Therefore, it is different when we pose on camera because we are in an environment where posing is not judged or taboo; it’s just the norm.

Build Relationships

Have you ever had to take a picture with someone who you don’t know that well? What about your best friend? What crazy poses have you done with them? It can be seen in our body language when we are shy or uncomfortable. As mentioned before, it is important to be confident on set. When you talk to the photographer and ask them questions about their work and interests, or if you tell them a funny story, the boundary between you will fade and you will feel more at ease on set. It’s the same as when you are taking a picture with your best friends; the confidence shows more when you are familiar with each other. As well as that, the shoot will be more enjoyable! If you are on a shoot with a make up artist, they will become your best friend for the day. That’s already a given.

Don't be Afraid to Get Creative

Some of the best pictures that I have ever taken have been from an experimental idea that someone on set, including myself, has come up with. If you have an idea about how something can be improved, whether it’s to do with a pose, styling or the set, don’t be afraid to bring it up! Even the ideas that sound strange can end up looking amazing on camera, and the photographer will thank you afterwards. The worst case scenario is that the idea won’t work for that shoot’s theme, but you can laugh about it after and the photographer will appreciate your co-operation!

Watch Your Posture

Sometimes a shoot can feel like a workout because it is important to over-emphasise a grand posture. It is important to keep your back and shoulders straight. An easy way to do this is to lift up from your spine and imagine that there is a string on top of your head. It makes you look good and it makes the clothes look good! A bad posture can create creases and lines on what you are wearing. If you are taking a headshot, remember to keep your head up. A good trick is to imagine that there is an invisible string that is pulling you up! Photographers will remind you to do this if you forget.

Collaborate with the MUA

If there is one thing that a hair/make up artist hates, it is when models touch their face. Even a small rub of your eyes can smudge a masterpiece of eyeshadow. If you have an itch or something that doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to tell the MUA. They want you to feel comfortable because discomfort will show on camera! And there’s nothing worse than having red eyes or an allergic reaction on set. They will always ask if you have any makeup allergies. If your eyes are extra sensitive, don’t be afraid to bring it up. As for the hair, try as much as you can NOT to look down. The hair stylist places your hair into a very specific place, and looking down can make it shift position. Keep that head high!

Wear Nude Underwear

Always wear white or nude underwear when going to a shoot. If you can, use a strapless bra and a g-string. Most photographers have to make the clothes look good in the pictures, and it is difficult to do that when there is underwear showing underneath. In my first ever shoot, I didn’t know this rule and wore dark green underwear. I exclusively shot in white dresses that day, so it was lucky that the stylist brought some nude underwear for me! This won’t always be the case, so I recommend that you come with your own.

Give Yourself a Break

If you are getting tired on set, it is okay to ask for a break. If you get hungry or thirsty, it’s okay to ask for food and water! By contract, agencies make sure that the models are allowed to do this. If you tire yourself out too much then it will be harder to shoot and to have the beautiful energy that models require. Make sure the shoot runs smoothly for yourself as well as the others! Work hard, play hard, right?

Have fun!

This is always the most important thing. If your work fulfils you then it doesn’t feel like work. When you step onto set, you can become whoever you want to be. Embrace your style, stay confident and the beauty will shine through!

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